Friday, January 04, 2008

Special message from Russell

Hi !

I have a special message for you

Pls let my mommy know if you can make it , okie?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Russell boogeys to Hi 5!

Russell at 18 months boogeying to Hi 5 and his little brush.

It is hilarious to watch as he wiggles his tush vigorously and his accompanying hand actions.

Russell boogeying to Hi 5

Baby Russell in his first dance moves. Hilarious!
He shakes his whole body and gyrates to his favourite show Hi 5.

Wet and Wild party

Bring on the 'Sui' or Water (commonly associated with luck and wealth).
Here the Russell and his two cousins, Kim and Chelsea are having a splashing good time at the fountain.

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Russell at our mastermind meeting

Here is the youngest attendee of the Stephen Peirce Hotgroup mtg.

He is happy to chill on the couch outside. Posted by Picasa

Russell's first dance moves--- groovy!

Here Russell is watching his favourite program Hi-5 and watch him shake his booty.

It cracked us up as he followed the moves and did his own too.

I gotta wipe that those tears from laughing with him. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 04, 2006

Cord Blood and Stem Cell Therapy

I was just reading about this kid Shai who went through so much as an infant suffering from cancer and what the mother went through to get her the best treatment. There is a post also from the bone marrow donor for the daughter.

She has set up a site now that talks about cord blood banking and reviews.

It is encouraging to see the advances in stem cell therapy and I am firm believer in cord blood banking and its future applications.

More news and resources on what is umbilical cord blood banking

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Kid's Tea Party- Russell, Justine and Mattt

We had our first tea party at home with Justine and Mattt
Here they are boucing in the Ball Castle.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Video of Russell's First Swim at 5.5 months

Russell's first swim! It was taken in late May 2005 when he was about 5.5 months old. Actually this was his second time in the pool. First time, he peed 3 times on me and wasn't sure of himself. Now on his second visit, he is pretty comfortable and already enjoying the water.
We only bought him the waterproof underwear and put a T Shirt on him. He seems pretty happy to be in the water and quite naturally does the breastroke kick (frog kick).
He loves the fountain in the pool and keeps wanting to get near it. Swallowed a few gulps of water but quickly learned to spit out after a few times in the pool.

Video of Russell Crawling at 7 months

Here we go... after months of doing the stationary rocking on all fours, Russell is now in motion! This was taken in July 2005

We have been told it is important to have the baby learn to crawl and use their hands and feet. The act of crawling actually helps them learn coordination and heightens their experience of touching and feeling. We had a mother who shared one of her kids skipped crawling and went to walking and she believes that it actually impacted the kid's learning in his early years esp in the area of motor skills. Just some trivia.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Zoo pics

What a lovely couple....and then poooot...!
Lookig regal this lion...Grrrr.....Russell roars..!
Some more trivia on Zebra's. Another of Russell's favourite animal in his soft toy collection , courtesy of uncle Laurence. He looks for his Zebra (actually it was a Gazelle from Laurence) every morning for a quick squeeze and then he's off!
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More pics from the Zoo!

Some trivia about Rhino's horns. It's actually a mass of hair stuck together!
Aunty Judy with the two juniors. Russell with his bedroom eyes..
The three proud parents and their charges. Isn't amazing the zoo rents out MacLaren strollers? It's great and we bought one too!
Feeling horny? This one farted later when he turned his back on us! Posted by Picasa

Russell's first visit to the Zoo!

Jaguar- One of Russell's favourite cats related to the Tiger. He loves growling like a Tiger whenever we flash him a Tiger or Lion
Here with my best buddy , Stephen , Judy and his two lovely daughters, Catherine and Christie.
Look at how happy the small fella is with his monkey from Uncle Stephen
Here Russell just loves his new toy , The Chimp.
Thanks for Uncle Stephen and Aunty Judy!
Here we are at Giraffe feeding time. He is totally fascinated by them, thumbsucking notwithstanding. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The One book you must read

We have scoured the bookshops and online for guide on raising baby and asked friends. The one book that consistently comes up is this
What to Expect When You Are Expecting. They have now an online version too
Just click on the "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" graphic at the bottom of this page to check it out.
It is well worth the investment.

We bought the new version too on What to Expect In the First Year and going to buy the next one in the series.
This has been Lina's bible and now they have it online , it's is also more personalized.